Writer questions labor reform tool

When Missouri legislators passed government labor reforms into law two years ago, they did so to protect the rights of both workers and taxpayers. But does the state currently have the resources necessary to oversee labor agreements made between unions and the government, especially agreements made at the local level? Evidence uncovered by the Show-Me Institute suggests not.
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Chamber volunteers


Another wonderful Richmond Annual Christmas Extravaganza and Parade has come and gone, but the memories linger.

Like what goes into making sausages and into those gentle words and actions that a football coach will impart to prepare his lambs to take the field, the public does not need to know the backstory, only whether the meat that filled the bun and team that ran out onto the turf met expectations, and Richmond’s Christmas event succeeded admirably in doing what the public has come to expect – delivering a delightful evening of fun, family entertainment.

USDA’s D.C. to K.C. move ‘controversial’


For some people, the most controversial part of the USDA’s ERS/NIFA move from D.C. to K.C. is learning for what that alphabet soup of letters stands.

Other than that, the soup may be a bubbling controversy for some people, but for most the concern is tepid, no worse than standing in line and hearing “Seinfeld’s” soup Nazi declare: “K.C., you get soup. D.C., no soup for you.”

As a start to unraveling and putting the controversy in perspective, here is a brief explanation of the abbreviations:

• USDA stands for United States Department of Agriculture;