Grace Church pastor: Ask me questions!


JOY TIPPING/Managing Editor

The Rev. Dr. Justin Meier of Grace Church in Richmond says he gets a lot of questions, every week – some easy, some not so much, all worth answering.

They questions are left through Facebook messages, in the church’s mailbox and by other means.

Some of the questions he said he has been asked:

• “I have friends who attend there and just got tattoos; Why aren’t they going to hell?”

• “What happens to people who commit suicide?’

• “What really happens when you die?”

To help people understand Christianity and its tenets better, Meier has opened questions to the entire community, and will preach on the top questions received through the third week in July.

“There are a lot of misconceptions out there,” he said. “Westernized Christianity has made a lot of rules that aren’t in the Bible. Like not dancing. There’s dancing in the Bible.”

Meier said he hopes to tackle all questions, whether through sermons, Facebook or elsewise, and the top four to seven queries – based on a Facebook poll that’ll be put up the third week of July – will be the subject of his sermons starting Aug. 12 and continuing into September.

“What I say may be controversial and not agreed upon by everyone in the faith community,” he said. That’s fine, he said: The idea is to start the conversation.

To submit questions, visit the Grace Church website at, email, or through the church’s Facebook page. Meier said questions submitted through those channels will, by default, not be anonymous. Grace Church is at 606 S. Camden St. Services are at 10:30 a.m. Sundays.

The complete version of this story appears in the Friday, June 29, 2018, print edition of The Richmond News.

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