RICHMOND – After 69 years apart, former Richmond resident Dan “Danny” Garnett Sr., 73, had given up on finding his sisters.

“I thought they’d been lost,” he said.

He felt that way before Sunday, Nov. 24, when all three sisters called.

“I’m just so overjoyed and we can’t wait to meet my sisters,” he said.

The calls marked the second time this year Garnett’s family members began to reunite. Prior to this year, the sisters for decades had been looking for each other and for their brothers.

In July, two of his sisters – Lisa Pierce and Annette Gaiser – found each other for the first time in more than half a century.

Garnett, Pierce and Gaiser’s birth parents are William and Lois Martin Sharp. The Pierce-Gaiser reunion included their half-sister, Brenda Hamm, the daughter of Lois Sharp and her second husband. At the get-together, the three women agreed to find their older brothers, Dan and John Sharp.

The separation of the four Sharp children took place in 1950. Lois Sharp allowed them to be adopted. Danny was 4, John was 3, Lisa was 2 and Annette was an infant, court records state.

“John and I were in a foster home for about six months,” Garnett said. “I was told I didn’t say a word for those six months. I remember feeling like I had to protect John. I was his guardian.”

Garnett said the people who later adopted him treated him well.

“My adoptive parents were great,” he said.

Garnett had tried, but gave up on finding his sisters. He said his first wife heard only excuses when trying to get his adoption records.

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