LEXINGTON – Santa’s workshop becomes a madhouse of competiton between the toys, the elves and the reindeer in the Christmas play, “A Gift for Santa.”

The River City Players present free performances of the children’s Christmas production at 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 14, in the basment of the Trails Regional Library, 1008 Main St., Lexington.

A memo from Blitzen causes panic among the elves because they have not decided what to get Santa for Christmas. Sneezy and the other elves do not want Santa to be disappointed and they are determined to come up with the perfect gift.

The toys overhear the elves discussing their dilemma. Realizing they do not have a gift for Santa either, they too find themselves in the mad gift search. The elves, reindeer and toys begin competing with each other to find the perfect gift.

The plot thickens as the crew try to outdo each other. Will they all find a gift for Santa? Will they find the true meaning of Christmas?

Cast members for the production are Misti McKenzie as Mrs. Claus; Brooklyn Chappell as Whiny the elf; Patricia Dunn as Doll; Dreyton Koch as Prancer; Jan Henrikson as Toy Soldier; Zoe Engelbrecht as Sneezy; Serenity Crews as Cupid the Reindeer; Haleigh Chappell as Rabbit; Aleena Kidd as Bouncy the elf; Zenden Myers as Comet the Reindeer; Jeff Doss as Santa; Avalon Crews as Lioness; Zade Myers as Skippy the elf; and Sharon Propst as Blitzen.

Cast members will lead Christmas carols for the pre-show entertainment. Candy Myers is the stage manager, Jeff Propst is the sound effects designer and Sharon Propst is the lighting designer.

For information, call the Trails Regional Library in Lexington at 660-259-3071 or www.rcplayers.org.

The play is an original script written and directed by Sharon Propst.

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