RICHMOND – Most people know who will receive awards for accomplishments from the Richmond Area Chamber of Commerce, but one is being kept secret, Director Natalie Lamar said.

The “Star Award” is given to a chamber board member who has stepped up and gone above what the norm is for a board member, based on information provided by Lamar.

“They won’t be named until the night of the event,” she said.

All other award recipients have been identified early, allowing family, friends and patrons to give them a pat on the back.

The Member of the Year is Shirkey Health Services, administrated by Chris Brown.

The Ray County Fair Board will receive the Achievement Award for 50 years of service to Richmond and Ray County residents.

Frazer and Pat Letzig will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award for operating a successful business in Richmond for decades.

“And (for) making an impact on residents, businesses, civic organizations, clubs, school, and well, they are just awesome people and we wanted to honor them,” information from Lamar stated.

Ray County Accounting and Tax will receive the Beautification Award for turning an eyesore in the Richmond community “into a beautiful place to conduct business,” chamber information states.

The Business of the Year is Alvin’s Heating and Cooling, for operating a successful established business has helped to make Richmond a better place. Alvin Kallenberger owns the business.

Inspired Ink is the New Business of the Year. The owners “started a viable business in Richmond within the last three years,” based on chamber information. Lamar’s photograph of the business operators is centered by an intern, Levi “Snake Head” Staley, in unusual garb.

“Natalie made a joke about my shorts being too short,” Staley said.

He said he decided to take the job to the next level for the photo, grabbing swimming trunks and a snake head hat.

“I made it a good time,” Staley said.

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