‘The Scoop’ a second career for Patty and Everett Thompson

Retirement does not mean sitting in a recliner all day for this energetic couple

Everett and Patty Thompson are living every child’s dream – to own an ice cream shop. Retirement isn’t an option for the Thompsons, who love keeping in touch with customers and mentoring the teens who work for them. (Photo by Liz Johnson/Richmond News)

By Liz Johnson/Staff Writer

From dispensing prescriptions to dishing ice cream, retirement for Patty and Everett Thompson means not retiring at all. Their second act means changing careers, one scoop at a time.

The couple, both pharmacists, owned C&C Pharmacy for 34 years, and, with retirement looming sold the business in 2014. But what one has planned and what comes to fruition aren’t always the same thing.

“When we retired,” said Patty, “Everett had a plan for us to do something and it didn’t work out.”

So, the couple moved on to plan B.

“We really like people and we really like working with young people,” she said. “Our son told us The Scoop was for sale.”

The couple talked about the ice cream store, owned at the time by Kay Sharp and Jeremy Danner. What looked enticing to them wasn’t so much the ice cream, but the idea that this “would enable us to work with young people and the public with less stress (than the pharmaceutical business),” said Patty.

The Thompsons said they worked 24/7 as pharmacists, providing for all emergencies as needed. Deliveries were daily and the job was stressful, but they both loved working with the public. They got to know their customers, and their customers got to know them. Customer service was the largest satisfaction they received from 34 years of dispensing medications.

Buying The Scoop would continue that relationship with people and would help the city of Richmond at the same time. “I have hated seeing buildings fall apart downtown,” said Everett. The Thompsons love Richmond and decided to buy the building at 402 West Main St., refurbish it and move The Scoop into it.

Everett said he also thought, “What if the shop was inside where it was cool? Would older folks enjoy an ice cream inside where they could sit, visit and be cool?”

The answers seem to be a no brainer.

The complete story is in the Friday, June 17, 2016 Richmond News.

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