Richmond residents upset about use of alley

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Four residents complained to the Richmond City Council on Tuesday that CVS employees violate city rules routinely by parking in the alley between the pharmacy and their houses.

CVS, 320 E. Lexington Drive, on June 18 replaced Red Cross Pharmacy in the same spot.

“We were here a year or so ago talking with the (then) city administrator about this,” group spokeswoman Cheryl Arbogast told the council, and Red Cross fixed the problem.

But Arbogast said someone at CVS told residents “they didn’t have to comply and that they had talked to a previous council member about it.”

Councilor members agreed they did not know who that would have been.

Gary Serby, spokesman for CVS Health in Woonsocket, R.I., said in a written statement Wednesday, “The CVS Pharmacy located in Richmond currently has a temporary shortage of parking spaces due to training activity related to The transition from Red Cross Pharmacy to CVS earlier this month. This shortage of parking spots will be alleviated in early July when training is complete.

“We apologize for any inconvenience. We disagree with the characterization of how our store team handled complaints about the parking situation. Going forward, if employees are unable to find parking in the front of the store, we have instructed them to park only in the two parking spaces located immediately behind the pharmacy. We are committed to being a good neighbor and look forward to serving the Richmond community.”

After neighbors talked with Councilman Ron Peterson, CVS reduced alley parking to two vehicles, Arbogast said.

Current City Administrator Tonya Willim said city employees inspected the alley, and she planned to send a letter to educate CVS about the ordinance.

The complete version of this story appears in the Friday, June 29, 2018, edition of The Richmond News.

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