Orrick Board of Aldermen: Church offers help to residents to meet code

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By Joy Tipping/Richmond News Managing Editor

Orrick Christian Church has offered volunteers to help the city and residents deal with code violations, property upkeep and other issues, according to two city aldermen at the June 11 board meeting.

Alderman Phil Boude said church members want to help residents “as much as we can.” Alderman Seth Smith said the church youth group seeks projects to complete over the summer.

A discussion about a property with overgrown trees and a nasty ditch led to talk about the church. Alderwoman Jamie Henrich said residents had approached her about a property that has seriously bushy trees and a ditch “full of pallets, flyers, trash, who knows what all.” The property is at Wells and Sibley streets, across from the River Bend property.

Residents also are concerned the trees “are hiding bad activities,” Henrich said.” Boude said he has “seen kids hunkering in back there, for sure.”

Alderwoman Christie McGlothlin said “ditches have to be cleaned by the property owner. Either he does it or we do it, hire a contractor and bill him, (and if he doesn’t comply), then we put a lien on his property.”

Police Chief Ray Dinwiddie said he would “ask nicely” for the property owner to clear out the ditch, “and we can go from there.” The city can trim the trees anyplace they overhang city property, he said. Smith at that point talked about the church helping out.

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