It’s official: Schnieders rehired as Hardin city attorney

By Shawn Roney/For The Richmond News

After going through a few formalities, Hardin has its previous city attorney back.

During its May meeting, the Board of Aldermen approved rehiring Bob Schnieders as city attorney and terminating the services of Jennifer Baird.

Baird replaced Schnieders as city attorney in early 2017, with Schnieders designated in May 2017 as special counsel for Hardin because of his work on a city court case.

At the board’s June meeting Tuesday evening, City Clerk Patty Lam asked Schnieders if he would resume serving as city attorney. Schnieders, who practices with the Oak Grove-based firm of Barton, Hall & Schnieders, said he “would be happy to return as city attorney.”

There was some discussion over several issues, including what type of agreement Schnieders would need to return as city attorney. Schnieders said the process for hiring a city attorney generally involves the mayor appointing a counsel and the city’s governing body approving the appointment.

“I can appoint you,” Mayor Mike Pearson told Schnieders.

“We can accept him,” alderwoman Jenny Gant piped in.

After some discussion over other issues, including attorney’s fees, Pearson appointed Schnieders. In one of a handful of unanimously approved motions, the board voted 4-0 to approve the appointment.

The complete version of this story appears in the Friday, June 22, 2018, print edition of The Richmond News.

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