Secretary of State Jason Kander

Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander released the certified results Monday of the statewide recount of Constitutional Amendment 1, which appeared on Missouri’s  Aug. 5 primary election ballot.

Kander said the final results of the recount confirmed the passage of Amendment 1. The difference between the “yes” votes and the “no” votes after the recount wass 2,375 votes; before the recount it was 2,490.

Missouri Cattlemen’s Association

According to MCA President Jim McCann, the Farming Rights Amendment vote recount that upheld the Aug. 5, 2014, passage of the amendment was good news for Missouri farmers and ranchers.

The final tabulation of votes was 499,963 to 497,587. McCann said the passage of this amendment, also known as Amendment 1, is a crucial step forward for Missouri agriculture.

“This amendment gives today’s farmers and ranchers the ability to practice farming and ranching without fear of being shut down by out-of-state extremist groups like the Humane Society of the United States,” McCann said. “Even more importantly, the constitutional amendment will provide a level of certainty for the next generation of farmers and ranchers.

“Amendment 1 will help protect Missouri agriculture, which generates more than $12 billion dollars and provides thousands of jobs within our state.”

McCann said out-of-state extremist organizations such as HSUS were “vehemently” opposed to the amendment. He said these organizations attempted to mislead Missourians by claiming the Farming Rights Amendment would only benefit out-of-state entities and large corporations.

“The Farming Rights Amendment was created with family farms and ranches in mind,” said McCann. “It is good to know Missourians welcome family farmers and ranchers and understand the importance of agriculture to the all-around well-being of our state.”

Missouri Farm Bureau

Farm Bureau President Blake Hurst issued a statement Monday hailing the recount results for Amendment I.

“Missouri family farmers and consumers are the winners of the recount validating the passage of Constitutional Amendment 1, the farming rights amendment. Missouri farmers will have greater protection from unjustified and costly restrictions placed upon them by out-of-state, extreme organizations like the Humane Society of the United States,” his statement said.

“Consumers will continue to have a multitude of safe food choices that best fit their family’s budget,” said Hurst. “Although the recount was unnecessary and costly to Missouri taxpayers, we are pleased with the results upholding the passage of Amendment 1.”

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