2019 Farm Family

FROM RAY COUNTY, Jim Proffitt and Dona Phillips and family of Richmond are among families from every county across the state honored during the 61st Annual Farm Family Day, Aug. 12, at the Missouri State Fair.

Richmond – Jim Proffitt, and Dona Phillips and family of Richmond, are among the families honored during the 61st Annual Farm Family Day, Aug. 12 at the Missouri State Fair.

The University of Missouri Extension in Ray County and the Farm Bureau chose the Proffitt family as the Ray County Farm Family.

Each year, the fair sets aside a day to recognize farm families from across the state that are active in their communities, involved in agriculture, and/or participate in local outreach and extension programs such as 4-H or FFA.

Dona Proffitt praised her husband.

“Farming and livestock are part of who he is. For 69 years, it’s all he’s ever known,” Dona Phillips said..

The Proffits have had three generations of livestock showpeople in the area. Proffitt also serves as the president of Farm Bureau in Ray County, and has previously served on the state Farm Bureau Resolutions Committee and American Farm Bureau Sheep and Goat Committee. Proffitt is involved with FFA, 4-H and Missouri Sheep Producers. He also spent years as an FFA teacher at Richmond schools.

The annual event is sponsored by the Missouri Farm Bureau, the Missouri Department of Agriculture, the Missouri State Fair Commissioners, the MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, and MU Extension and Engagement.

This year, all 114 Missouri counties plus St. Louis city participated, honoring nearly 500 people from the 115 farm families.

The event showcases the impact Missouri Farm Families have on the economy and heritage of the state, State Fair Director Mark Wolfe said. “These families are involved in agriculture activities in their communities and are active participants in local outreach and extension. As the premier showcase for Missouri agriculture, the Missouri State Fair is most certainly the appropriate place to celebrate these families.”

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