‘Two-hour Tuesdays’: One man gives back to community


Shaun Pontalion volunteers for two hours each Tuesday at Excelsior Springs Good Samaritan Center. He travels to local businesses and picks up donations in the center’s box truck. (Samantha Kilgore/Staff Photo)

Shaun Pontalion calls mornings he spends volunteering for the Good Samaritan Center “two-hour Tuesdays.”

“It’s two hours, that’s all,” he said as he maneuvered a sofa to add to the growing pile of donations he picked up in the increasing heat. “It’s no big deal.”
To center Director Martha Buckman, Pontalion’s work to benefit Ray and Clay countians is a big deal. His volunteerism makes an impact in the community, she said.

Pontalion shows up for his two-hour Tuesday every week at the center in Excelsior Springs. In the box truck, he stops at Walmart, Price Chopper and other places that set aside food donations for the center. This time, he made an extra stop for chairs and tables donated by another business.

“You never know what you’re going to pick up,” Pontalion said while hefting another piece of furniture into the truck. “This week, it’s a couple of couches. Last week, we had about 40 turkeys donated. Each box had four frozen turkeys and weighed at least 40 pounds. They were heavy.”

The complete version of this story appears in the Tuesday, June 26, 2018, print edition of The Richmond News.

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