Student relics recovered as Hardin-Central renovates

With the recent removal of the Hardin-Central lockers, some student artifacts have been uncovered, such as the pictures and program displayed here. (Photo by Shawn Roney/For The Richmond News)

By Shawn Roney/For The Richmond News

Renovations are underway at Hardin-Central C-2 school district — and the renovation work has turned up some decades-old student artifacts.

Superintendent Trey Cavanah discussed the renovation work during the Hardin-Central Board of Education’s meeting Monday night at the district schoolhouse. Completed tasks he mentioned included the removal of the old schoolhouse doors, doorframes and lockers. Relaying information from the Control Technology & Solutions Group, the St. Louis-based renovation contractor, Cavanah mentioned that the new, fire-rated doors wouldn’t arrive until August.

“I will develop the calendar if we have to delay school a few days to get those doors installed,” he said. “I don’t think it’s going to be an issue.”

When the lockers were removed, a 1967-68 student handbook was found, Cavanah said afterward.

“It had the list of school rules, (and) the list of staff members who were teaching at that point in time,” the superintendent stated. “(We also) found a band program from 1979.”

In other renovation news, the stadium press box has been demolished and removed. Early in the meeting, Cavanah thanked Blaine Nolker Construction of Hardin for removing it for free. The company accomplished the task in “about half a day,” the superintendent estimated.

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