Richmond eighth-graders soak up history in Washington, D.C.

Anthony Perkins, Zali Wyse and Corbin Calvert place their hands in prints at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial. (Submitted photo)


Eighth-graders had the unique experience of meeting up with Richmond High School students on the 29th annual Washington trip, event chaperone Brenda Hamm said.

The eighth-graders visited D.C. to learn more about history and the Noteworthy Choir went separately to perform at the Kennedy Center. The center regularly is on the eighth-grade tour, but meeting up with fellow Richmond residents is not, Hamm said.

“How special to hear our high school choir get to sing with seven other choirs as part of that national Memorial Day tribute,” Hamm said. “That was fabulous.”

The district does not sponsor the student-teacher event or accept liability for the off-campus activity, Hamm, who teaches math, said.

“But it’s kind of a school tradition,” she said.

They make the trip through WorldStrides, an educational tours company. WorldStrides suggests in promotional information, “Don’t just teach history, step inside it.”

The complete version of this story appears in the Friday, June 29, 2018, print edition of The Richmond News.

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