Branching out: After school halls, dented fenders, couple sinks roots into Linda’s Floral

Steven and Stephanie Minnick are the new owners of Linda’s Floral, 307 Wollard Blvd., Richmond. (Photos by J.C. Ventimiglia/Richmond News)

By Jack ‘Miles’ Ventimiglia/Executive Editor

Business flourishes under Steve and Stephanie Minnick, new owners at Linda’s Floral, 307 Wollard Blvd.

At the counter Tuesday, feet planted amid exotic flowers in particolored arrangements, Stephanie Minnick says the shop changed hands May 29 and customers have been supportive. The reason for buying the shop from Stephanie and Mike Waigand stems from the Minnicks’ desire to set their lives upon a flowered path, she says.

Stephanie Minnick uprooted from a body shop job and Steve Minnick plans to retire as Richmond School District maintenance director. Neither is eyeing becoming a couch potato — better cellulose than cellulite.

“We needed another business venture,” Stephanie Minnick says. “We found out this (shop) was for sale and it just kind of escalated from there.”

Jackie Stanton shows off arrangements, one accented boldly by a yellow Asian lily, she creates for Linda’s Floral, 307 Wollard Blvd., Richmond.

Owning a flower shop is not a complete transplant from working for the district, Steve Minnick says.

“We do some of the landscaping around the school,” he says, but there are major differences and having experts  available to help graft one set of skills onto another creates a fertile environment for change. “We knew that we had good people that were going to help us so that helped tremendously.”

Steve Minnick says he plans to remain with the district for another year or two before pruning away that part of his life. Propagation from one set of job skills to another is not as easy as the snap of a green thumb, with Stephanie Minnick saying the Waigands clarified how to nurture the shop.

The complete version of this story appears in the June 22, 2018, print edition of The Richmond News.

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