Sweet misery of life? Not if you follow Jesus’ teachings

“Oh, sweet misery of life, at last I’ve found you.”

Now that’s something you didn’t expect from a man of God to write! Does it matter what I say anyway?  If you won’t listen to Jesus, my bet is that WWJD doesn’t matter either, and that’s where the misery comes in.

Isn’t it a lot like running to the medicine cabinet for the majority of what ails you? Going to Facebook is a lot handier when it comes to finding your way through the crowds of “friends” than going to church, isn’t it? At least you get some feedback, even if it’s negative, and don’t have to let on that you’re hurting or messed up, versus getting the brush off from the “in crowd” and going away empty inside.

The complete story is in Friday, April 6, 2018 Richmond News.

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