Singing to the Lord ’50s style

Singing for the Lord takes local woman to her calling as a gospel singer

Local singer Virginia Hyatt O’Dell, center, released her first CD “Rockin’ Revival” with a CD release party Saturday night that included a number of singers in addition to her own songs. At the end of the night, O’Dell was joined by singer/songwriter Anita Birdsong, left, Doug Spence, an award-winning singer, and Christi Mynatt, a Country Gospel Music Association award-winning lyricist and platinum heart songwriter. The four sang “Standing in Your Holy Presence I’m Amazed.” (Photos by Liz Johnson/Richmond News)

By Liz Johnson/Richmond News Staff Writer

Cindy and Rodney Hyatt and their daughter Virginia Hyatt O’Dell are known locally as the Hyatt Trio. The family can usually be found at local events singing to the crowds, such as the Brothers & Sisters in Christ, Serving the Lord in Ray County’s Victory in the Park and Harvest Celebration. The trio also has a nursing home ministry.

“We didn’t realize she had such a beautiful voice until we heard her singing in the kitchen one day,” Cindy said of her daughter. Three years ago, Cindy and Rodney talked their daughter into joining them, but it took some time for Virginia to agree.

She said she told her parents no at first. “Then I heard a sermon about ignoring your messages and gifts from God,” she said. “We need to not ignore them. We need to acknowledge the gift and glorify God.”

The complete story is in the Friday, April 13, 2018 Richmond News.

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