Routh to the Rescue

Richmond’s Leslie Routh helps area opossums in wildlife rescues

Leslie Routh got her first 2018 litter of baby opossums in Higginsville. Their mother was killed by a dog. “I now have 11 orphaned baby ‘possums,” she said. “I wish people would be more mindful when they released their dogs outside to go to the bathroom. I quick scan of the yard would have save this mother opossum’s life,” Routh said. (Richmond News photo)

Rescue groups exist for just about all domestic animals — dogs, cat, horses — but people and groups also work to rescue wildlife throughout the country. Richmond’s Leslie Routh, for instance, rescues opossums and also skunks.

It’s a different kind of calling, but one that’s Routh’s been doing for years in aid of the wee critters (at adulthood, most opossums are about the size of an average housecat).

Rescuing wildlife requires a license from the Missouri Department of Conservation. Rescuers must meet specific criteria, specific to the animal varieties they’re helping. In addition to opossums, Routh is licensed to rescue skunks, but she doesn’t have as much experience with them as with possums.

The complete story is in the Friday, April 27, 2018 Richmond News.

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