New Medicare cards will transition over time

Director of Senior Medicare Patrol urges recipients to beware of fraud

Medicare is issuing new insurance cards beginning this month and transitioning through April 2019. A new random alphanumeric number will replace the recipient’s Social Security number on the card. Missouri cards will not begin to be issued until June or later. (Photo courtesy of

By Liz Johnson, Staff Writer

New Medicare cards will begin mailing out this month, and with the changes to the card, comes a new opportunity for scam artists to attack unsuspecting recipients.

According to Rona McNalley, director of Senior Medicare Patrol in Missouri, the new cards will be phased in through April of 2019.

“This transition will take all that time,” McNalley said. “Missouri is in the last wave of mailing. I would urge people to be patient about receiving their cards.”

Missouri Medicare recipients will not receive the new cards until after June. The release of the new Medicare cards, which involves replacing the recipient’s Social Security number with a random alphanumeric number, has now introduced a new scam for thieves.

“There has been a new scam going on called, ‘The New Medicare Card Scam,’ even before Medicare said it was issuing new cards,” McNalley said.

The complete story is in Friday, April 6, 2018 Richmond News.

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