Student defends the character of RHS principal Parker

Letter to the Editor:


I’m writing in regards to the statements being made about Richmond High School Principal John Parker. I know this message will probably be read over and nothing will be said or done about it, but I feel this is my time to step in and say something. I’m 18 years old and have dealt with Mr. Parker numerous times throughout the four years I’ve been going to Richmond High School.

Though I have chosen to do online schooling now for personal reasons, these accusations are fake and very inaccurate. Mr. Parker has always been a great role model and a great figure for young kids to look up to.

One of the rules Mr. Parker is supposed to follow in the role of being a principal is to enforce the laws. These allegations against Mr. Parker are fake, and are being made only in retaliation. I think that once you all give into a story without enough evidence, it drives the students to continue the lies spread upon Mr. Parker. They think that it’s funny because they only think about themselves and are too worried about trying to ruin somebody else.

Mr. Parker has a wonderful family that he works very hard to take care of. These posts are very downgrading and are making him out to be a man that he isn’t.

I just chose to graduate doing online schooling about a month ago, so I’ve been there through all of this. He has always done his very best to make the students happy. He’s one of the most understanding people I know. I’ve come to him on numerous occasions.

I by no means was a star student. He enforced the rules on me when I was in the wrong and I expected that out of him.

But anytime I came to him about something I had going on, he was always there to listen and help out. He’s a great figure to the students and a great source of motivation. These articles make me sick because I know what these students are out to do. Kids talk. I know this isn’t true. I know multiple current students, and many former students, who would stand right beside me on this.

I hope that you take this into consideration. Mr. Parker doesn’t deserve the lies being spread around about him. It’s very childish of the students to do this, and very unprofessional of the others who give into it.

Thank you so much,

Alex Abbott


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