Let the committees continue their fact-finding mission

Letter to the Editor 

Dear Editor:

I have read most of the media (social and otherwise) about the Hardin-Central and Norborne school consolidation. Everything I have researched states that the talks between the two committees (one committee from each school) are fact-finding missions. I have read multiple letters condemning these fact-finding missions from other district patrons and it saddens me tremendously.

Also, I see the signs that say “save our school and our community” and I’m perplexed. Isn’t that exactly what the committees have been tasked with? Doing the research and finding the facts to save our school?

I understand that Hardin is still a healthy, vibrant school with amazing students, teachers, administrators and parents that support the school daily. However, I know of other schools that have been all of the same things only to see them close due to various factors.

Just in case you don’t know me, I’m a 1995 graduate of Stet High School.

Please let the committees complete their task at hand and be mindful that the Hardin community is full of school patrons that do support the people on these committees and appreciate the time they have committed to the fact finding mission. I’m sure that once the committees have exhausted all possibilities their facts will be distributed.


Jared Finley

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