Keeping the commitment to voters of completing to-do list for R-XVI levy tax

Letter to the Editor:

Just over three years ago, our community was contemplating additional funding for our school district here in Richmond. During that consideration, I, along with several other pastors of our community, encouraged you to consider supporting our students and schools. With that request, we included a detailed list of what the district and school board provided as the intended initial use of this money, should we give approval as voters.

It is my conviction that we have a responsibility to keep our representatives accountable for what they do on our behalf. Therefore, I have taken the initiative to follow up on the commitment we were given in relation to this funding. There were three specific areas of intent which included increasing teacher’s salaries, security, and the maintenance and upgrade of facilities.

With regards to the teacher’s salaries, there was an increase to the structure beginning with the base salaries and going up. Hopefully, we can continue to work toward increasing those more.

For now, this commitment has been fulfilled.

Rev. Willie Isaacson

First Baptist Church, Richmond

The complete story is in the Friday, March 16, 2018 Richmond News.


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