Why can’t we put the H-C, Norborne consolidation to rest?

Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor:

The word around town on the proposed consolidated proposal for Hardin-Central is that it is dead.  While that is wishful thinking – it is not the truth. The committee put together to study the issue has three more meetings scheduled. At the last meeting in April, each committee chairman will report its findings to the separate school-board districts. At that point, the question will be whether or not to continue or dissolve the issue.

At the January committee meeting, figures from the Missouri State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education were provided to the committee by the superintendents of each school.  These are figures from DESE, the folks who cut the state checks to Hardin and Norborne each year.  It is DESE that does the calculation and decides who gets what and how much.

Malcolm Cunningham, Hardin

The complete story is in the Friday, Feb. 16, 2018 Richmond News.

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