Love Connection – After nearly 60 years, couple rekindles romance

Art and Anita Covey

The romance continues 58 years after it began. Art and Anita Covey display their marriage certificate at Ray County Courthouse. The couple married Feb. 25, 2016, in the chapel at Ray County Memorial Hospital. (Submitted photo)

By Liz Johnson, Staff Writer

It all began 58 years ago, when a high-school junior began carrying the books of a sophomore.

Art Covey met Anita Eubanks in art class at Richmond High School in 1958.

“He was my hero because an eighth-grader embarrassed me by following me around school trying to get others to think he was my boyfriend,” Anita said. One morning Art saw the eighth-grader hand Anita’s books to her at art class and said to her, “He’s kind of young for you, don’t you think?”

Anita told Art she couldn’t get the boy to stop following her around and that he

would grab her books right out of her hand.

“I can fix that,” Art told her. “Where is your locker?”

The complete story is in the Living 50-Plus section of the Friday, Feb. 2, 2018 Richmond News.

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