Tilda Nord: A remarkable woman revealed

Lexington native pens true story of her grandmother

Tilda Carlson Nord and her husband, Peter, in an undated photo. Peter died in a mining accident in 1904. (Photo courtesy of Marilyn Maun)

By Liz Johnson, Staff Writer – Living 50-Plus

We all have that one person in our past who influenced us in one way or the other. Often it is a teacher, a family friend or ancestor who cultivated that spark inside. In the case of Lexington native Marilyn Maun, it’s her maternal grandmother, Tilda Carlson Nord.

“I always admired her,” Maun said. “I thought she had kind of a rough life. A lot of things happened (in Tilda’s life) that shouldn’t have. I just wanted to get her story down.”

Tilda influenced Marilyn when she was a young child.

“She was always saying her prayers,” Maun said. “She’d take me to church with her.”

Maun’s book, “Tilda: On the Brink of Tomorrow,” spans Tilda’s life across two continents – from Sweden to America. Maun has woven intrigue, adventure, romance, determination and faith into an incredible story of the kind of fortitude that Missouri pioneers possessed.

The complete story is in the Tuesday, November 21, 2017 Living 50-Plus section of the Richmond News.

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