Let Jesus be your sponsor

Sponsorship – What does it mean?  Most of us have learned about it at a very early age because we learned that in order to afford something we needed or wanted to have, it takes a fundraising event. I’m pretty sure most of you know what that is.  From Grandma to a neighbor, we all seek the sponsorship of someone to help us out with something we can’t do on our own. Isn’t it mostly about money? What about the liar, the thief, the crooked car salesman, drug dealer, or the sex addict with AIDS?  Honesty is brutal isn’t it? 

Oh, I see you want to go the easy route where you don’t have to get your hands dirty.  Just wait until your dog throws up in your new car and you have to spend 100 bucks to get the smell out, isn’t that sponsorship? 

You pay someone else to clean it up and they get their hands dirty.  I’ll bet they’re just happy to get work and would do it again regardless of the stink.  Well, isn’t that what Jesus does for us sinners when He has to deal with the trash we’ve been hauling around for years and begging Him to clean up?

The complete story is in the Friday, November 17, 2017 Richmond News.

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