Take off, landings of residential air strip a concern to neighbor

Dear Editor,

I read the Sept. 29 article concerning a private airstrip request in our Richmond neighborhood. I appreciate the call from Leah Wankum to discuss this further.

Deanna Guy, Ward 2 councilwoman, listened to concerns and voted her conscience. Only Drew Burkeybile and I questioned this at the Aug. 29 planning and zoning meeting.

Barbara Hardwick was the only P&Z member that seemed to address our concern; the other members, Everett Balman, Bill Dooley, Phil McGinnis, Everett Thompson and Brad Hogan voted to accept and proceed to city council.

These citizens will make an important decision on Oct. 23 that affects many people. Do we know of any other small towns that have allowed this?

The rezoning to agriculture is not my concern – planes landing and taking off down my street is. And of course the agriculture status makes the tax-base less.

Our city water tower, my friends and families nearby, our property values are at stake. It is so much easier to not be involved, but I truly believe this requires closer scrutiny.

Thanks for caring,

Brenda Humbard
1012-1016 Oakridge Dr. Richmond

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