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Rebuilding Richmond and Beyond: Northstar Wellness

Studio owners invite clients to attain wellness through services offered

Raymond Smith, left, and John Furgeson, gutted the building they had remodeled to house their business, NorthStar Wellness. Smith and Furgeson offer massage treatments and yoga classes in the building, which features energy efficient climate controls and furniture and rugs made of recycled material, all enveloped in a soothing atmosphere. (Photo by Sara Seidel/Richmond News)

By Sara Seidel, Richmond News Staff

Soothing. That single word describes NorthStar Wellness, a business newly relocated on the Richmond Square.

Herbal scents waft between warm, deep-hued walls in a space remodeled to accommodate activities intended to promote a healthy balance of a person’s body, mind, emotions and spirit.

“Things that make you feel like you’re being pampered,” said Raymond Smith, co-owner of the business. Yoga classes, massage services and even an infrared sauna are among the services Smith and John Furgeson tout to promote health and wellness.

NorthStar Wellness opened on West North Main Street in early October so the owners could expand and enhance the line of services they provide.

One of their specialties is Body Somatic Therapy. It’s a structural form of massage, Smith said, during which the practitioners make adjustments to the muscular system, much like chiropractors make adjustments to the skeletal system.

Because the body is interconnected with the mind, emotions and spirit, Smith said, therapies available at NorthStar Wellness enable clients to release emotions – and the genuine pain those emotions can cause. The services can calm the mind, “to where you feel at peace,” Smith said.

Similarly, muscles hold people’s thoughts and emotions, whether positive or negative, Smith said, and yoga or massage can wake up muscles to help clients let go of negative emotions, like fear.

The complete story is in the Tuesday, October 31, 2017 Richmond News.

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