Questions on the possible school consolidation, attend the Oct. 5 meeting

To Hardin-Central Parents and Community Members:

I am very proud of our Hardin-Central students, staff and community.

I have been welcomed by parents, students and board members here at Hardin, and I feel very blessed to lead a district rich in academic and athletic tradition. Every day, I get to see firsthand the impact of quality instruction on our young, impressionable minds and witness our professional staff as stewards for the education process. I have seen the impact of education extend outside the physical walls of our buildings into the community of Hardin and the positive impact of our school-community climate. The citizens of Hardin have done an excellent job electing public officials who continuously make sound political and financial decisions for the district and serve the interests of our students in academics, athletics and activities.   

As many of you know, the Hardin-Central School District has been approached by a neighboring school district to research the legal and financial details and possibility of consolidation. A combined committee to research the advantages and disadvantages of consolidation, as well as the financial and legal details of the process has been proposed by both the Norborne and Hardin-Central school boards. The committee meetings will be open to the public, and anyone who wishes to attend the meetings is welcome. The committee would serve the sole purpose to advise the Hardin-Central and Norborne school boards if future consolidation should be considered.

I am aware that the issue of consolidation is sensitive to many citizens who hold a strong emotional bond to our district’s heritage. I am also aware there is an interest in the possibility of new student opportunities that may form through a larger student body base.

In numerous conversations with community members, school staff, parents and concerned citizens, there have been several questions and concerns on the topic of consolidation.

In response to public requests, I will be hosting an informal question/answer meeting for Hardin-Central community members 7 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 5, at the Hardin-Central gymnasium. This meeting will discuss the formation of the committee, details that the committee will need to consider and the effects of consolidation on students, staff and community of Hardin. Everyone is welcome to attend.


Trey Cavanah, Superintendent

Hardin-Central C-2
School District

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