Orrick businessman wishing to open car lot in town

By Liz Johnson, Staff Writer

Local Orrick businessman Randy Easley has sold his property along Highway 210 and hoping to open a car lot on Creason Street in Orrick.

He would like to redo the building.

“I want to fix it up to look like a ‘60s and ‘70s Ford or Chevy car dealership,” he told the Orrick Board of Aldermen. “It’s just going to be me, no employees.”

Easley said his recycling and salvage yard equipment has been sold. He has a 12×8-foot office building he wants to use on the lot side while he’s getting the building done.

Renovations include putting a new roof on the building. He is planning on putting an A-frame roof on the building. The remodel includes new windows and doors.

Easley said he has to be out of his current building by Oct. 15.

Mayor Roger Thomas asked Easley if he could give the council a guarantee on when he would get the work done on the building.

Easley estimated it will take up to 18 months to get the renovation completed.

“Closest guarantee I can give you is 18 months,” Easley said. “I really want to get it done in six months.”

Easley added that he wants to extend out the timeline on the renovations to 18 months to account for the possibility of any problems arising. He said he didn’t want to put a short time period for the renovations, run into problems and then be unable to meet the deadline.

Alderman Todd Wyse said he had no problems with Easley moving a business into the building, but the idea of the lengthy timeline concerned the alderman.

The complete story is in the Tuesday, September 19, 2017 Richmond News.

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