Hardin board takes care of some ‘big stuff’

New rules for vacant building inspections, commercial and demo permits, nuisance regs

By Shawn Roney, for the Richmond News

The Hardin Board of Aldermen has taken care of what board member Nancy Herring called its “big stuff” for a while.

Herring voiced that opinion near the end of the board’s meeting Tuesday night at Hardin City Hall. Board member Colin Chang, for one, considered it “rather relieving” to have addressed the city’s pressing issues.

“The issues that the citizens complain about a whole lot now are able to be addressed,” Chang said during a short interview afterward.

The board handled some of its major business Tuesday by passing Ordinance Nos. 722, 723 and 725. Ordinance No. 722 authorizes inspections of residential buildings “with no utility service” if they’ve been unoccupied for a minimum of 90 days before they can be occupied again. Ordinance No. 723 requires building permits for commercial-related construction or demolition projects.

In keeping with its passage of Ordinance No. 718 in June to revamp city regulations for dog owners, the board passed Ordinance No. 725 to revamp Hardin’s nuisance regulations. The board did so, provided Ordinance No. 725 would be revised later to include an amendment stating the city would send what City Attorney Jennifer Baird called “a special tax bill” to property owners cited for nuisance violations. Baird also said the bill would be filed with the Ray County Recorder of Deeds Office.

The complete story is in the Friday, September 22, 2017 Richmond News.


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