Special session abortion bill ‘anti-choice,’ ‘anti-woman’

Dear Editor,

It is appalling that Mr. Greitens, as our new governor, has chosen to spend approximately $60,000 in a second special session to increase abortion restrictions. The only apparent reason seems to be his own religious beliefs, and this is Greitens’ attempt to remodel Missouri into an anti-choice, anti-female approach that mirrors his beliefs.

Mr. Greitens does not understand the reasons why the U.S. and (Missouri) State constitutions separate personal, religious beliefs from state-mandated laws. One reason is to prevent this very action. If Greitens’ beliefs include the notion that abortion is immoral, then increased restrictions are based on those beliefs and not state law, and he (is) violating the separation of Church and State. Or, like many religious male Conservatives, he simply does not believe women can make those kinds of choices, moral or otherwise.

Perhaps, as a Conservative tending to the far right, he does not believe that a woman can make rational decisions like a man. He appears to be using Texas as his model, a state where increased restrictions on women’s health care have led to a jump in mortality rates for women. None of those deaths could be tracked to anything but women being unable to access health care.

These are simplistic arguments against increasing health care restrictions, because there is not room for the detail on such a complex issue. However, since the Right has chosen a simplistic approach, I was forced to do the same. I believe that the best conclusion would be for women to consider what would happen to their health if this law passes. Or, as a man, what would he want for the women in his life to choose for their health.

It is easy to simply march blindly towards banning something entirely, taking little, thoughtless steps along the way. The more difficult, but more intelligent approach, is to allow choice through all avenues that are legal. We do have the free will God gave us, and options should be allowed so that women – as people – should be allowed to make informed choices without limits.

Contact your state senators and representatives, and encourage them to vote against this bill or be willing to lose health care rights. And that loss would likely increase women’s mortality rates just because Greitens doesn’t believe women can make choices.

Stephen Petrechko
Rural Richmond

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