Orrick Farm Service sold to MFA Inc.

At same location with same companies, Orrick Farm Service and MFA switch roles in Orrick property ownership

MFA sold its Orrick property to Orrick Farm Service back in 1982, and now MFA is buying it back. Orrick Farm Service owner Gary Vandiver, sitting, recreates a 1982 purchase photo with, standing from left, Craig Childs at MFA, Seth Swindler, new manager of Orrick MFA, and Blake Thomas, manager of Lawson Agri-Services. In an original photo (not pictured) were Orrick Farm Service co-founders Bob Vandiver, Gary Vandiver’s father; Thomas’ grandfather R.D. Vandiver, and Wilbur Battagler and Bill Wallace of Lexington MFA. (Present-day photo by Leah Wankum/Richmond News)

By Leah Wankum, Editor

It’s a done deal. Orrick Farm Service has officially been sold to MFA Inc.

Just shy of its 50th anniversary, Orrick Farm Service has been an independent ag retailer since it opened its doors in 1968. The Gary Vandiver family, owner of Orrick Farm Service, signed paperwork for an undisclosed amount with MFA Inc. on Tuesday afternoon.

Gary Vandiver said Orrick Farm Service will keep its name as a taxable entity, as he is retaining ownership of its branch location, Lawson Agri-Services, as well as its 15-year-old crop insurance business, which is now located in Richmond.

“All businesses run their course, but this one in particular, we see it as a benefit for the local farmers for it to be owned by a larger organization such as MFA,” Vandiver said. “We’ve always been big community supporters and advocates for the farmers themselves, and – the way the ag industry is right now – those farmers need representation on a larger level.”

Vandiver added that as farms get larger, farmers need more technical assistance and multiple outlets to market their grain, as well as resources to make better decisions for their livestock.

The complete story is in the Friday, August 25, 2017 Richmond News.

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