Orrick BOA to revise pit bull ordinance

By Liz Johnson/Staff Writer

William Knutter Jr. brought his pit bull to the Aug. 14 Orrick Board of Aldermen meeting to plead with the councilors to change the town’s pit bull ordinance.

“I see you have an ordinance on pit bulls in town,” Knutter said. “I was informed about the ordinance and thought if I got a dog tag, I’d be OK.”

Even with a dog tag, Knutter’s dog was taboo because of the breed’s ban in Orrick. Knutter said he’d had the dog for six years since he was a puppy and that the dog belonged to his son.

“They’ve got a bad rap, I understand that,” he said, referring to the breed. “If there’s anything you can do, I’d appreciate it.”

City attorney Kevin Baldwin told the council that they would have to change the ordinance.

“I’m not in favor of changing the ordinance, and that’s my own personal opinion,” said Alderwoman Shirley Taylor. “We went through a period of time when there were pit bulls (here), and that’s why we passed the ordinance.”

Mayor Roger Thomas brought up the fact that there are some people in town who have pit bulls without the dogs being licensed.

Police Chief Ray Dunwoodie said that when he finds a person who has a pit bull in city limits, he gives them a letter in which the person has 10 days to comply by getting the dog out of town.

Knutter said the city of Richmond has lifted its ban on pit bulls and that other towns are doing the same.

The complete story is in the Friday, August 25, 2017 Richmond News.

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