Neighbors vexed by chip and seal roads

Street repair work not up to par

Residents are concerned that Richmond’s new chip and seal roads are making a mess in their yards and along the drainage ditches, especially on Garner Street and Dauxville Drive. (Photo by Leah Wankum/Richmond News)

By Leah Wankum, Editor

Richmond’s new chip and seal roads are not working for several Richmond residents, some of whom approached the city council with their concerns.

Because the process involves laying oil, or “seal,” on top of the roads and spreading gravel-like hard rocks, or “chips,” on top of the oil until the two materials fuse together, several residents who live on the newly laid chip and seal streets, especially on Dauxville Drive or Garner Street, are concerned with the results.

In a few weeks, the newly laid streets will be swept clear, and the chip and seal will have hardened into a solid, drivable surface. Nevertheless, residents shared their concerns with the Richmond City Council during its Tuesday meeting.

Morris Salter, who lives on the far north end of North Garner Street, said he spoke on behalf of several residents. For them, living on the city streets laid with the new chip and seal is like “living on a gravel road.” Salter added that people have gravel in their yards and driveways as well as in the drainage ditches along the edges of the roads.

“They’ve got a mess,” Salter said, referring to the chip and seal, which is significantly cheaper than street milling and overlay.

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