You can take down statutes, but not take away the inhumanity of Order 11

There are several things that tee me off. The latest is the removal of Civil War monuments, particularly here in Missouri. New Orleans is in the process of removing four statues, including General Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis, who was the President of the Confederacy during the Civil War. The St. Louis mayor and city council have ordered the removal of a Confederate monument from Forest Park.  Do-gooders in St. Louis. They said it represented racism and white supremacy. After a lawsuit, the city is giving the statue to the Missouri Civil War Museum, with the agreement it can not be placed anywhere in St. Louis or St. Louis County. One of my loyal readers, Weldon Woodward, has suggested it be put in the Higginsville Confederate Park and cemetery.

According to my cousin Bobby Turner, who has done our family genealogy, my great-grandfather fought under General Joe Shelby.  When he found out his brother in Kentucky had joined the Union Army, he we went back and killed him.

My grandfather, who was born in 1861, the same year the Civil War officially began, and died in 1950. He would not talk about anything but the Civil War and Order #11 at our family reunions. Never one time did I ever hear him mention anything about slavery, only about the inhumane treatment by the Union soldiers and the Kansas Jayhawkers or Red Legs. Order #11 was the most inhumane order approved by a President that has ever been issued during time of warfare in our history.  It forced the evacuation of all residents in a four-county area. According to my grandfather, they burned the homes and attacked the wagon trains, murdering the residents and stealing the belongings of those who were fleeing the area.

If Governor Greitens wants to call a worthwhile special session, he should get a law passed to prohibit the removal of any Confederate statue or monument in the state of Missouri.

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