VA card should suffice as proper I.D.

Last November when I hit my 1,000th column, I asked my readers, since I wanted to do some traveling, if I should “hang it up.” They overwhelmingly wanted me to continue writing, yet also do some traveling, which I have done. My last trip was to New York.  Now, all cities are the same – St. Louis, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Seattle, but with two exceptions – Las Vegas and New York. Neither one do you want to stay more than three nights and two days.

We attended a couple of Broadway shows, and my favorite comedy club in Greenwich Village, the Comedy Cellar.  The Broadway show “Book of Mormon” even offended me. I would think the Church of Chirst of Latter Day Saints would sue the producers and shut it down.

The third day, we headed to LaGuardia and were in the security line checking in at Southwest. I had several cards in my billfold and didn’t see my driver’s license.  When they asked for photo identification, I handed them my Veteran’s Administration Identification, which all veteran’s have, if they have VA health care.  The airport security refused to accept the card as proper identification, so I asked for his supervisor.  His supervisor would not accept the card, nor the supervisor’s superior. My travel partner said, “Jack, give them your driver’s license, the line is getting two blocks long behind us.”

Last weekend, Sen. Claire McCaskill was in Kansas City. Saturday night I chased her down at a Truman Day festivity and related my experience at LaGuardia.  I also told her the government thought I was good enough to be drafted in the Infantry during Korea, but I wasn’t good enough to get on a Southwest airplane. I don’t know whether she can do anything about making a VA card acceptable at airport security, but I can tell you I did get some satisfaction in New York.  I gave the whole security crew a good old Missouri cussing.

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