Been diagnosed with a hearing problem? Be sure to get a second opinion


By Liz Johnson/Staff Writer

Nearly a year ago, I wrote an article encouraging people not to wait to get their hearing checked. I told my hearing loss story and the diagnosis I received was that I had a debilitating disease called Meniere’s Disease.

For the most part, my story hasn’t changed from that original one. The onset of sudden deafness in one ear, the constant ringing in the ears that changes in pitch and sound without warning and the vertigo attacks that come on without warning and can completely incapacitate me still occur. And I’m still 90 percent deaf in one ear.

However, my diagnosis and how I deal with the dizzy episodes has changed. That is because I sought out a second opinion from a different ear, nose and throat doctor.

After 18 months of almost no vertigo attacks, I began having extremely bad episodes just before Christmas last year after being injected with a dye during an MRI.

The complete story is in the Friday, May 19, 2017 Richmond News.

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