O’Dell presents plan to transform R-XI curriculum

By Liz Johnson, Staff Writer

Orrick  R-XI School District Superintendent Dr. Aerin O’Dell has a plan to change the course of the school’s curriculum and ready the students for the future.

In O’Dell’s presentation April 17 for the school board to consider changes she wants to see in classroom curriculum and beyond, she has been focusing on the comprehensive school improvement program and modernized it to a strategic plan.

“I’ve shared this with the teachers with a new direction to take,” she said, asking them the question “Where do we want to go from here?”

She said the challenge the school district had last year involved the choices of yesteryear versus the choices of today.

“We need to change because of how fast the world is changing,” she said.

Last year, the district administration looked at things that the 21st century demands from workers and citizens and the requirements for teaching children how to be ready for those demands when they graduate.

Some of the strategies Orrick has been using to prepare the students are technology, professional development and having a vision for the school district and its students.

“What input are we doing in order to get the output that we want?” O’Dell asked the board to consider. “What can we do to help our graduates?”

The complete story is in the Tuesday, April 25, 2017 Richmond News.

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