RMS math team places second in Holden regional competition

Holden Math Team. (Submitted photo)

Richmond Middle School math team, grades 5 through 8, competed Thursday, March 16, against Chilhowee, Grain Valley, Holden, Knob Noster, Northwest, Sherwood and Windsor. RMS coaches were Vicki Carlyle, fifth grade; Kathy Harding, sixth grade; Janine Brand, seventh grade; and Brenda Hamm, eighth grade.

The following students placed in the top 15 and earned points for Richmond.

Fifth grade

Number Sentences: Trent Logsdon, fifth, Jayden Nelson, sixth, Chaz Vanderpool, 11th and Laney Moyer, 13th.

Fractions/decimals/percents: Jack Kia, seventh and Hannah Lindley, 10th.

Problem solving: Jayden Nelson, first and Jack Kia, fourth.

Probability and statistics: Lee Drake, 13th and Jack Kia, 14th.

Geometry: Hannah Lindley, seventh and Trent Logsdon, 12th.

Consumer math (team event): Elijah Sanders and Lee Drake, second and Morgan Battagler and Noah Nichols, 11th.

The fifth grade team took fourth place with 115 points.

Sixth grade

Probability and statistics: Grace Brown, fourth.

Fractions/decimals/percents: Dayne Loftin, fourth, Aden Galle, seventh and Eli Steele, 10th.

Problem solving: Andrew Isaacson, fourth and Eli Steele, ninth.

Number sentences: Dayne Loftin, first, Aden Galle, fifth and Bethany Curtis, seventh.

Geometry: Dayne Loftin, first, Clark Moore, 11th and Aden Galle, 12th.

Consumer math (team event): Kennedy Wrisinger and Grace Brown, first and Logan Hatcher and Andrew Isaacson, third.

The sixth grade team earned first place with 145 overall points.

Seventh grade

Probability and statistics: Ethan Berning, first, Jadelynn Schreier, 14th and Damian Owens, 15th.

Fractions/decimals/percents: Garrett Allnutt, seventh.

Problem solving: Ethan Berning, first, Jadelynn Schreier, ninth, Garrett Allnut, 11th and Grace Ann Skelton, 14th.

Algebra: Jodi Robinson, first and Grace Ann Skelton, 13th.

Geometry: Zane Renfro, second and Jodi Robinson, third.

Consumer math (team event): Ethan Berning, first and Damian Owens and Zane Renfro, fourth.

The seventh grade team earned second place with 125 overall points.

Eighth grade

Probability and statistics: Reuben Long, eighth, Kenneth Villanueva, ninth, Jillian Hayter, 12th and Bryan Scott, 14th.

Fractions/decimals/percents: Keeley McKay, fifth, Reuben Long, sixth, Liz Elliott, eighth and Jillian Hayter, 10th.

Problem solving: Kenneth Villanueva, third, Reuben Long, fourth, Tim Isaacson, sixth and Brianna Kindley, 14th.

Algebra: Keeley McKay, fifth, Liz Elliott, sixth, Tim Isaacson, eighth and Brianna Kindley, 15th.

Geometry: Jillian Hayter, second, Keeley McKay, third and Liz Elliott, 10th.

Consumer math (team event): Kenneth Villanueva and Brianna Kindley, fifth and Tim Isaacson and Bryan Scott, seventh.

The eighth grade team placed first with 181 overall points.

The entire math team, grades 5 through 8 placed second overall with 566 points.

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