Letter to the Editor: In favor of assessed valuation tax levy

Dear Editor,

We are in favor of the Ray County tax levy of .08 ($.08) per one hundred dollars assessed valuation. Ray County has not had a tax levy since 1987, which was .17 at that time and was dropped in 1988. Ray County has relied on the 1 cent it receives from sales tax for general revenue since 1988. Ray County has a definite need for additional revenue for the upkeep of all county facilities.

Individuals may figure how this affects you by checking your Ray County tax receipt and simply divide your assessed valuation by 100 and then multiply by $.08. Example: Divide 50,000 assessed valuation by 100 and then multiply by .08 will equal $40 additional taxes. Remember your assessed value is only a percentage of your real value, and property may be reassessed every couple years. Ray County estimates around $200,000 gain from properties taxed on a .08 tax levy.

More importantly, this .08 tax levy is a gateway for Ray County to tax public utilities and railroads that travel through our county. Ray County has 15 utilities and railroads with almost $600,000,000 assessed valuation. Ray County estimates a $48,000 gain from these utilities and railroads with a .08 tax levy.

What we will pay personally for this tax levy is not nearly as significant as what Ray County will gain from public utilities and railroads. Please vote yes for the Ray County tax levy on Tuesday, April 4th.

Mike and Joy Farnan


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