Hardin ponders changes in regulations for canine residents

By Shawn Roney, for the Richmond News

Hardin city officials are mulling over what changes, if any, should be made to Hardin’s dog-related ordinances, particularly legislation concerning pit bulls.

During the Board of Aldermen’s March 21 meeting at Hardin City Hall, there was some discussion about the city’s current dog ordinances. One issue of discussion was whether pit bulls should be subject to stricter regulations than those for other breeds. Board member Colin Chang opined that pit bulls, “if raised properly – and especially kept properly” aren’t substantially more threatening “than half of these – excuse my term – mongrels running around here that are biting people.”

Speaking on behalf of Hardin Police Chief Ted Kuhlman, who was out of town, City Clerk Patty Lam said Kuhlman had recommended that Hardin maintain its ordinance on pit bulls, “but regulate them, not prohibit them.”

Jennifer Baird, who recently became Hardin’s city attorney, suggested the town might need to modify its restrictions on pit pulls to conform to a pending state proposal that’s in the Missouri House of Representatives.

“The whole idea (behind it) is that you can’t regulate and be breed-specific,” Baird said.

The discussion revolved in part around a citation resident Eddie Lackey had received for a dog ordinance violation. Lackey, who attended the meeting, recommended that any dog heavier than 40 pounds or capable of dragging children be evaluated by the city “not as far as (being) a dangerous dog, but a dog that could do possible harm.” Baird supported his idea.

“Obviously, that would take a lot of different breeds into account,” she said.

The complete story is in the Tuesday, March 28, 2017 Richmond News.

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