Grassroots Christianity: We cannot forget who Jesus called

Jesus did not call the important people, the leaders, the wealthy, the influential, the powerful, the scholars or the pious to become a part of His movement initially.  Jesus called the humble, the common-folk, those simply struggling to eke out an existence.  Our Lord called fishermen to be his founding disciples.  We must remember that Jesus calls people from all walks of life to come and follow Him.  Jesus calls the “good” and the “bad”–he calls everyone so that they might come to Him.  Our God calls the rich and the poor, the young and the old, the known and the unknown, to become His followers.   

We cannot forget how we have come to follow Jesus

More than likely, Jesus came to us in a “small,” subtle way.  We gradually discovered him through the loving faith of  parents or grandparents.  A “light bulb” went on in our mind when we read through a gospel tract.  A Sunday school teacher revealed to us who He was.  We encountered the living Christ in a worship service.  We connected with our Lord when our counselor taught us about Him at summer camp.  These were first steps for us that led to more steps as we grew as disciples of Jesus Christ – as He became a bigger part of our lives.  We did not come to the Lord with anything of value that He needed.  God sought us out and drew us to Himself.  Like the mustard seed, our faith in God started out small and has only grown because of how Jesus has worked in our lives.    

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