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High quality is hallmark of products sold at Crooked River Meats, formerly Fresh Meats & More

Paula and Tom Parker raise cattle, hogs and poultry for traditional markets and sheep for the ethnic market. (Photo by Sara Seidel/Richmond News)

By Sara Seidel, Staff Writer

When word got around that the ownership of Fresh Meats and More was changing hands, customers went into a bit of a tizzy.

“You’re not going to change anything, are you?” they insisted, said Tom Parker, the new owner of what’s now called Crooked River Meats Market and Grill.

His answer is both yes and no, for a simple reason: Parker

plans to offer returning and new customers exactly what they want.

In general, “what they want” means packaged pork, beef, chicken and eggs.

In particular, it means continuing to offer the highest quality commodity meats, as well as adding Parker’s own premium products to the display cases.

By commodity meats, Parker means the products that have been available to date: beef, pork and chicken that are produced and distributed on a large scale yet are still of the highest quality possible.

“We’re buying the best commodity meat we can find,” Parker said.

His own products differ and include grass-fed beef, heritage pork and pasture-raised chicken. The meat cases currently feature frozen cuts but eventually, Parker hopes to also offer his own fresh meat products at the shop.

Parker’s interest in raising healthful, wholesome meats was triggered when a friend, whose daughter has dietary restrictions and must eat carefully selected foods, asked why cattlemen frequently fatten livestock on corn. At about the same time, Parker attended a grazing workshop, so he was open to changing his management practices.

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