At Art & Soul Studio, artists create & go

New studio gives students a chance to paint and be proud

Through her new venture, Rhonda Roe offers classes at Art & Soul Studio. The studio is located in the old Wrisinger Auction Barn on East Main Street. “I just wish everybody would come and see it,” Roe said. (Photo by Sara Seidel/Richmond News)

By Sara Seidel, Staff Writer

“Come take one of my classes, and you’ll leave with a masterpiece.”

Rhonda Roe is only half joking as she describes the satisfaction artists feel when, after participating in a class at her new Art & Soul Studio, they leave with paintings that make them proud.

Her own contribution as the instructor inspires her, but she downplays it.

“It really is step-by-step,” she said. “You’ll just love your painting.”

The venture works like this: Budding artists contact Roe and select a date to come to the studio. The artists supply any snacks or drinks they want to consume; Roe supplies everything else artists need – the canvases, acrylic paints, brushes, aprons and easels –to create a picture.

In the four-hour period set aside for the class, Roe devotes two to the artistic process. With up to 16 students seated in front of easels, Roe displays a completed painting – one that she prepares based on the clients’ suggestions – and shows participants how to duplicate it, step by step.

She doesn’t, however, direct students to mimic her model exactly. Painters may choose different colors or alter details, for example.

“Some will vary so far away that their painting looks different, yet they’re all the same,” Roe said. “You do exactly what I do, and you come out with your own version of the original painting.”

The complete story is in the Friday, Jan. 20, 2017 Richmond News.

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