Jesus is the door to our eternal life

HARPER-BARBARA-SIG-NEWBy Rev. BarBara Harper/Ward Chapel AME Church, Richmond

Door – a movable, usually solid barrier for opening and closing an entranceway. A door represents either access or denial, depending on whether it is open or closed.

We are all familiar with doors and how they operate in the physical realm. But, doors have something to teach us in the spiritual realm. While the word “door” in the Bible is used to speak of a literal door, there are many places where doors are used symbolically.

What are you to do when you are confronted with an open spiritual door? How do you handle a closed spiritual door? Who controls the doors of life, you or God? Doors are important in your walk with God. The Bible reminds us just who is responsible for the doors of life. God has placed an open door before us that no man could shut.

The open and shut doors of your lives have the ability to change the course of your lives. In Acts 12:1-17, Simon Peter was in prison and scheduled to die. God sent an angel and opened the prison doors for him. These doors changed Peter’s life.

An open spiritual door is a good thing. We rejoice when the door of opportunity is opened to us. When God opens a door, you should always step through that door, by faith without hesitation, because God is doing something special in your life.

Closed doors usually fill you with feelings of disappointment. You want to do what you want to do and you do not want to hear God say, “No.” The closed doors of life are just as important as the open doors.

The complete story is in the Friday, Sept. 2, 2016 Richmond News.

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