‘Wrath of Khan’ and Mount Rushmore: the best ever

By Jason Offutt

Author’s note: This is the fourth, and next to last in a short series about summer trips.

The Offutt Family Vacation made its way through South Dakota, taking in one view over and over. Who knew there was so much prairie grass in the world?

We were on our way to one small section of the state to visit the Badlands, the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore. What else is there to do in South Dakota except visit national parks, homestead or die of dysentery in the back of a prairie schooner?

My one concern with our trip had to do with the internet.

I’m a sucker for click bait; articles with headlines like, “10 Best Burgers in America,” “15 Movies that Killed the Franchise” and “The Five Best Ways to Get Blood Out of a Carpet” (that’s one of the problems with being a writer. My search history is probably enough to convict me of something).

So when I saw “Top 10 Disappointing Tourist Destinations” and Mount Rushmore and the Badlands were on the list, I grew a little concerned. The monument was smaller than people expected, the article said, and there’s not much to do there except try not to be too American around all the foreign tourists. The Badlands, it read, were named that for a reason.

Not encouraging.

Oh, lookie, another article. “Star Trek Movies Ranked Worst to Best.”


Hmm. Although the author made a nice argument as to why “Star Trek: Nemesis” is worse than “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.” When I got to the top of the list I discovered “Wrath of Khan” wasn’t number one. That’s just crazy talk.

The complete story is in the Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016 Richmond News.

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