The responsibility of stronger links

By Jeremy Blevins/Pastor, Richmond United Methodist Church

There is a popular saying that goes, “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.”  The first time I really grasped this concept was in high school.  I had decided to be a part of theatrical production, and a couple of weeks before the performance, our director challenged the entire cast by stating, “A production is only as good as its weakest actor.” It didn’t matter if you had a leading role, a small role or were a member of the chorus, everyone’s performance mattered when it came to the ultimate success of our endeavor. 

On one hand, one could think this challenge cruel.  After all, can you really make the performance of your weakest actors better by, in essence, saying, “Everyone needs to do their best because our play will be lousy if three of you lackluster chorus members don’t start getting with the program”? Can the weakest link be something that it is not? In two to three weeks, it is doubtful that the performers will be much better than they are today.  However, making such a statement could boost morale within the group and cause all the actors to take their roles more seriously thereby resulting in a better production overall.  Fortunately, the latter scenario was the case in this instance.  People pulled together, were more “in character,” encouraged one another, had wonderful time building friendships and were excited about being part of a successful and rewarding event. 

The complete story is in the Friday, Aug. 19, 2016 Richmond News.

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