Ray County Coalition does not endorse candidates

Dear Editor:

Ray County Coalition is a non-partisan organization committed to keeping Ray County’s youth safe, healthy and drug-free.

In June, the coalition sponsored a candidate forum to learn of local candidates’ positions on legislation or policies that would benefit our children and communities. Our sole political focus is on drug-related legislation, like a state prescription drug monitoring program – not on specific candidates.

Recently, an ad campaign for a Ray County sheriff’s candidate mentioned Ray County Coalition in an endorsement. That endorsement was by an individual member, not the Ray County Coalition. We understand the possible confusion and want to remove any ambiguity: Ray County Coalition does not and will not endorse any candidate running for office. The organization has extended its apology to the sheriff’s candidates as well.

We care deeply about our partnerships with all community leaders, which comprise a variety of backgrounds, disciplines, talents and abilities.

Together we are stronger.


Ray County Coalition Board

Traycie Sherwood, Justin Meier, Karen Schachtele, Becky Clariday, Mike Persell, Christal Milligan, Connie Taylor, JoEllen Black, Laura Beth Meier, Erika Nail, Stacey Cox and Kara White

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