Letter to the Editor – July 26, 2016

In support of the use tax

Dear Editor:

In a few days, Aug. 2, an opportunity for every citizen to have a voice, as a vote, regarding the future of our community will be at hand. Various offices are going to be occupied by those whom the voters have expressed as their choice. The impact of those will be felt by all – those who are happy with the results and those who are not so happy.

One issue on the ballot for Richmond voters is also going to have an impact that will be felt by all. The use tax. I strongly support the passage of the use tax. I came to this position by thoughtful process.

I realize that tax revenue is to the City of Richmond what food is to my body, or maybe gas for my car. If I don’t put in, I will not get out. I also realize that when I am undernourished, it affects everyone around me. I get tired, grumpy and eliminate activity. I probably still look OK, but I can’t do what should be doing, even if I want to. My tank is empty. I stop helping and serving others. When my car is about out of gas, I have to stop going places that are not critical, even if there are important places I should go.

The City of Richmond exists to help and serve its citizens. If it is undernourished and lack a full tax-revenue diet, it cannot do what it is here for. It cannot provide the services it wants to, or that are even important to be provided. The use tax for me is not about a tax at all. It is about allowing, even helping, the City of Richmond to do what it is here for.

It is my desire that all Richmond voters would join me in helping the City of Richmond get the nourishment it needs to do what exists for, by voting in support of the use tax on the Aug. 2 ballot.

Everett Thompson, RPh.


Editor’s Note: A sales tax would be applied to online purchases and level the playing field for our local businesses. Revenue from the use tax would return to the city of Richmond, just has it has for Ray County, which received nearly $600,000 in 2015.

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